Aconcagua, at 6,961 metres, is the highest mountain outside of Asia and is located 183 km from Mendoza, Argentina. If you find yourself in Mendoza (and many travellers do when crossing from Santiago, Chile), a day trip to Aconcagua is well worth it to see the mountain.

Most people coming to Mendoza come for the wine but many seem to skip out on this adventure. Depending on how much time you have, and we didn’t have you much, your trip can range from 9 hours to 5 days. We found many people offering day tours to Aconcagua but we weren’t really keen on spending 1,000 pesos each ($70 USD / $100 AUD) for something that seemed pretty doable by ourselves. You can read about our day trip and see more of our photos here.

Getting there
You must take the Buttini bus from Terminal del Sol (just across from the major bus terminal where long distance buses come and go). The bus trip takes 4 hours each way and times are:

Days Departure time Return time
Monday – Friday 6 am ; 10:15 am & 3:30 pm 11:40 am & 4:35 pm (Horcones)
8:00 pm (Inca Bridge)
Saturday, Sunday and holidays 7:00 am;  10:15 am & 3:30 pm 11:40 am & 4:35 pm (Horcones)
8:00 pm (Inca Bridge)

Tickets can be bought on the day and although we bought a return ticket, you can buy the return ticket when you hop on the bus on the way home.

Cost: 90.20 pesos each way ($6USD / $9AUD)




Where to get off

IMG_4096.JPGThe stop is Horcones and NOT Aconcagua so make sure you let the bus driver know. The stop is immediately after Puenda del Inca and there is a triangle building there. This is the Visitor Centre where you check in and start your trek (open 8 am – 6 pm).

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We met a girl who told the driver she wanted to go to Aconcagua which is the last stop on the route and ended up being stuck there for 2 hours with nothing to do and missed seeing the mountain completely so make sure you get off at the right spot!

Note: The return bus (Horcones) is just across the road. If you plan on taking the Inca Bridge return bus then you will need to walk to Puente del Inca (approx. 2 km). 

Trek options
2 km loop – takes approximately 1 hour and costs 20 pesos ($1.40USD / $2 AUD).

Confluencia- approx. 17.5 km round trip (incl the 2km loop), taking you from 2,800 m to 3.200 m and 3 – 4 hrs there. Cost: 200 pesos ($14 USD / $20 AUD).

Note: This was the first trek of our trip so we weren’t accustomed to altitude and took it easy with many short breaks (we’re pretty slow walkers too). We managed to make it to Confluencia in exactly 3 hours, stopped for 20 mins and trekked back in 2.5 hours with many stops for photos. We took the 6 am bus there and the 4:30 pm bus back.

There are also 3 day and 7 day treks available. If you’d like to do these treks, we suggest you have a chat to the Aconcagua Information Centre in Mendoza (level 1 in the Tourist Information Centre).


What to bring
Warm clothing (in layers)
Wind proof jacket
Sun protection: sunscreen, sunglasses and hat
Lunch and snacks
Water (there is a water station at Confluencia)
Tissues / toilet paper (toilets are at the Visitor Centre and at Confluencia only)


Final tip: Try and stay awake for some of the bus ride to and from Aconcagua. You will catch beautiful glimpses of the Andes mountains and some other incredible sights.




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