The San Blas Islands of Panama are a group of over 360 islands, most of which are uninhabited. The islands are situated between Colombia and Panama, often used as the route to travel between the countries. The Kuna people that inhabit some of the islands are friendly, welcoming and extremely photogenic (you’ll see below). Although we aren’t big fans of organised tours, we did this trip on a speedboat tour and it was one of the best we’ve ever done. I mean, it’s hard to complain when you’re waking up in a hammock, on a secluded island with crystal clear water and white soft sand. We’ve picked some of our favourite photos to inspire your inner wanderlust and hope that if you’re ever on that side of the world, you’ll make sure to see these islands.

San Blas Islands PanamaSan Blas Islands PanamaSan Blas Islands Panama

San Blas Islands PanamaSan Blas Islands PanamaSan Blas Islands Panama  San Blas Islands Panama   San Blas Islands Panama San Blas Islands Panama  Kuna people San Blas Islands Panama

San Blas IslandsSan Blas Islands Panama

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  1. Consider me inspired 🙂 You can always win me over with some great beach photos. Good thing I am headed to Mexico and Cuba in March!

  2. Wow so beautiful! So the tour co took you around on the boat and setup all the accommodation/sleeping arrangements

  3. That night shot looks very tricky! Bet you had a few goes at that.

    I’ll also bet these great tropic island posts are most welcome in North America and Europe. Not so much here in Canberra, where it’s over 30° every day!

    Good post, lots of sun and sand and water. Love it!

  4. I’ve never been to Panama, so this is awesome! Your photos are amazing and really capture the essence of Panama!

  5. OMG! This place is just a paradise on earth! Its unbelievably beautiful. The pristine white sand with hardly any humans around, its just a place where I’d love to spend an entire month!!!

  6. Those pictures are absolutely stunning. And waking up in a hammock, on a secluded island with crystal clear water and white soft sand is my dream for sure. I will save your post to plan out a trip to this wonderland

  7. PackYourBaguios Reply

    Oh wow! The water is such a pretty turquoise! Your pictures definitely are inspiring!

  8. Waking up in a hammock on a secluded island sounds like paradise! I have not heard of the San Blas Islands before, but they are so beautiful! That water color is insane.

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