One of the first things I am asked when talking about this trip is ‘what are you going to pack?’ I have never travelled longer than a few weeks, have never travelled through a variety of climates in a single trip and am definitely not claiming that I am at all experienced in any of this. However, I sifted through a lot of blogs from both males and females travelling through various climates and am now 97 95 90% confident with my final packing list. Staying hopeful. I will certainly be giving updates throughout our trip to see how well this packing list serves us.

General tips:

  1. Total weight of backpack: aim to carry less than 20% of your body weight – noting that you are likely to be carrying a day bag as well so this will add a bit of additional weight. Absolute max to carry is 30% of body weight but I think that’s way too heavy.
  2. If you are bringing it ‘just in case’ you are unlikely to use it. I know it’s tempting but unless you’re going to the middle of nowhere, you can always buy it.
  3. Use packing cells like these to help organise clothes – seriously the best things ever.
  4. If you can’t bring a backpack as carry on, make sure that the there is a zip panel to stow away the harness. This will avoid your straps being cut by baggage handlers should anything get caught.
  5. Pack for layering in winter rather than heavy/thick clothing.

Backpack and packing cells 

After months of researching, trying on and hunting for online sales, I (Amanda) settled with the Osprey Farpoint 55 in small/medium (ie a 37L backpack + 15L detachable daypack). The medium/large is a 40L backpack + 15L detachable daypack. I am also bringing 3 x packing cells, a toiletries bag and a little day handbag.

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Check out a great review on the backpack here. I will provide my own thoughts on the pack later down the line when I’ve gotten more use out of it.


Daniel went with the BlackWolf Cedar Breaks 55 (55L backpack + 25L daypack) and has 3 packing cells and no toiletries bag since we have combined toiletries.

Clothes and shoes

The amount of underwear usually determines the frequency of laundry and I’m happy to hand wash to stretch out wear of other clothes. I am usually a ‘one wear and straight to the wash’ type person but that goes straight out of the window when I’m travelling. On the road I live by the sniff test (terrible now that I’m seeing it in writing). I am hoping to stretch it out so that laundry is only required once every 3 or so weeks.

1 x windproof and rainproof jacket
2 x jackets
1 x long sleeve travel shirt (keeps me cool and protects me from the sun)
1 x long sleeve thin top
2 x thermal tops
2 x thermal leggings
2 x shorts
1 x jeans
2 x leggings
1 x travel pants (can convert to 3/4 or knee length)
2 x dresses
3 x t-shirts
3 x singlets
1 x pyjama top and shorts
15 x undies
6 x sports socks
2 x thermal socks
4 x sports bras
1 x normal bra
1 x bathers
1 x rashie









Accessories and tech (Amanda)

Drink bottle
Fleece neck warmer
Travel adapter
Pocket Spanish book (amazing!!)
Eye mask
Winter hat
Backpack rain cover
Smart gloves (so I can still use my touch screen)
Travel pillow
Laptop (missing from pic)
1TB hard drive
Charging cables
Small torch/flashlight


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Daniel’s camera & additional equipment (going in his day pack)

Canon 5D Mark II, lenses, batteries, memory cards, wireless shutter remote and charger
Tripod, lens cleaner,
GoPro Hero 4, camera stick and straps
Mophie powerstation (for portable charging)


Let us know what you think – did we bring too much? Or maybe not enough? Do you have any extra tips to share?


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